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Tuition Fees & Other Expenses



Language Program

RMB 14,000Yuan/ Year

Bachelor Program

RMB 16,000 Yuan/ Year

Master Program

RMB 18,000Yuan/ Year



Accommodation on campus

Our university can provide international students with well-equipped apartments. Each apartment is equipped with two beds, hot water, access to internet, air conditioner and television. The rent will be 4320RMB/year/one person (Double Bed Room, Foreign Students’ Apartment). This is the price after compensation which may not suit for exchange program. A single room is not provided at present. If needed, you can live off campus after transitional period but shall sign a relevant agreement with the school in accordance with local police regulations.

Off campus

Another option for international students is to live off campus.You can rent a room around our university and live off campus. We can help you contact some landlords! The monthly rent for an apartment equipped with furniture around our university is from 1,200 RMB to 1,600 RMB. The rent for a larger apartment may be a bit higher, but it can be shared by two or three tenants. Students living off campus shall bring their lease agreements to the International Students’ Office in SIE for registration.


It is a must to submit a health certificate when you are applying for programs lasting for more than six months. If you can not take one with you, you are required to do a medical check-up at a designated hospital upon arrival. The expense for the medical check-up is paid by yourself. Insurance fee 600 RMB/Year, Physical examination fees around 400 RMB  (only for your reference)

Meal card

Meal card must be done on Registration day in the university canteen. The cost for meal card is 13 RMB (school paid) but you must charge money for your later meals. When leaving school finally, you must  hand in it back to the school. 

Extra compulsory fees

Application fees 400 RMB;

Stay Permission Fee 400 RMB ( less than one year ) to 800 RMB (over year);

Deposit for accommodation 500 RMB;

Accommodation network fees 25 RMB/per month;

Prepaid fees for water and electricity 200 RMB;

bedding articles fees 280 RMB. 

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